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HOLIBAG ° comes up with the Luggage-Relay

Luggage storage in local shops wherever you need!

Find one of our retail store where you can leave your luggage and enjoy your day, luggage-free. Secure and convenient luggage storage are everywhere all around you.

How to find a Holibag luggage storage?

Booking a luggage storage on Holibag is easy, quick and secure.
Every reservation is secure and guaranteed

Find and book luggage storage

Enter a destination, select a duration and the number of luggage that you want to store . Then choose a merchant who will store your belongings safely

Drop-off your belongings

Once your storage is booked and paid online, go to the shop to safely leave your bags. Be confident! We insure your luggage against theft, loss and deterioration risks.

Enjoy your free time

Our merchants take care of your belongings. You can now enjoy your stay with complete peace of mind. Isn't it so useful?

Our luggage service is insured

Our luggage service ensures your luggage against theft, loss and deterioration risks. We partnered with merchants to provide a high standards service and taking great care of your luggage . Holibag has an insurance contract with the company HISCOX to protect your effects against any problems that can be encountered in any order.
With Holibag, Travel, visit, peace of mind


In all circumstances, HOLIBAG° left luggage are here for you!

A simple, convenient and secure service that allows you to enjoy your stroll without heavy weight.


A stay planned in Nice? Book your luggage deposit now!

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